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One week anniversary

Important news first: I GOT A JOB!

I’ll be working as a receptionist for The Health Works, a centre that offers yoga, pilates, and bellydancing, as well as several types of physical and mental therapies. I visited last week hoping to take a yoga class and ended up chatting extensively with Jo, the Director. This morning I had a wonderfully informal interview, and I’m going to begin training tomorrow. This position is ideal for me for several reasons: first, I’m fascinated by all the services offered here and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from the practitioners; everyone is super friendly, so I think it’ll be a great social haven (I’ve already been invited to the Christmas party!); it’s a flexible, part-time job, which means I’ll still have time to attend poetry shows and theatre performances and maybe pick up some freelance writing gigs on the side; and it’s a 15-minute walk from my house, so I can save time and money on transit. Hooray!

What else has happened this week? Here’s a short list:

  • Dinner with my flatmates and their former flatmate at this incredible Portuguese restaurant called The Windmill on High Street. I’m planning to take my grandmother there when she comes to visit the neighbourhood.
  • Bang Said the Gun reunion! See my post about this wonderful poetry series.
  • Bought a yoga mat and making good use of it.
  • Tried biking with one of those London rental bikes in Hyde Park and beyond.
  • Checked out Sexual Nature (exhibit about the mating habits of various animals; so so good) at the Natural History Museum; photos posted on Facebook!
  • Visited my grandmother in Upminster (and learned to avoid transit on weekends; replacement buses take forever…) and met her boyfriend, who is a total sweetheart. I approve.
  • Attended Disco Night at The Cock Tavern (not kidding…) with flatmate R and gossiped about boys.
  • Invited myself to a picnic with my new poetry friend W and ended up meeting several members of her beautiful, welcoming family. Nigerian wedding leftovers shared in a gorgeous park on a Sunday: what more could I ask for?
  • Went to see The Golden Dragon at Arcola Theatre with J. Holmes and caught up over a delicious meal at a nearby Turkish restaurant. Funny thing about this show: I went in not knowing what I was about to see, and part-way in I concluded that this was reminiscent of another contemporary German play I had seen recently. Perhaps German theatre is trending something very specific! Funnily enough, this play and the other called Arabian Night were both, in fact, written by the same playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig.
Not bad for one week, including jet lag!
Also, for the past two mornings, I’ve spent close to an hour just walking (and occasionally jogging) around the neighbourhood; not actively searching for anything or analyzing anything, but just allowing myself to soak in my surroundings and my mind to wander. It is very relaxing and very freeing, actually, to be completely anonymous in a place that I currently call home. I could get used to this.

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