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I felt a little glimmer of girlish excitement upon receiving an invitation to the Ottawa launch of Halston Heritage, the clothing line for which Sarah Jessica Parker is Artistic Advisor. If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, you may have seen SJP donning one of these gorgeously flowing outfits in one of the recent films. I told my friend Marissa about the invitation and she was so excited about the soiree (not to mention the potential for an SJP sighting…) that I knew she would be the perfect date for this show.

The following is a brief photo diary of the event. Enjoy!

Marissa and I chose the perfect outfits for the event. Also, enjoying our complimentary cosmos!

Local A-list fashionistas attended the event, including Girl About O-Town from the Ottawa blogging community. It was so nice to finally meet her, as I have been following her fashion/culture blog for some time.

Another celeb sighting: Tony Martins of Guerilla Magazine

Four glam models take the stage to show off Halston's new fashions

Especially glam

Then I dragged Marissa into the dressing rooms to take photos of me in various outfits. In this dress, I felt like the mistress of a brothel in some exotic locale. Meow.

I've always thought of myself as more of a silver girl, but I rather enjoyed this pocketed gold number with the popped collar.

Um, no.

We finished off my little vanity session with this daring pink number. I know, isn't my posing totally obnoxious?

And then there were the shoes; never forget the shoes.

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