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The Newstalgica Poetry Series celebrates the autumn season with performance poet Jessica Ruano and the musicopoetic grooves of Poem de Terre. Hosted by Devin Zane Shaw and J. F. Lafleche.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Open Mic 8:30pm
Featured Performers 9:30pm

Cafe Nostalgica

603 Cumberland Street

Jessica Ruano is a writer of press releases, newspaper articles, romantic emails, blog entries, brochures, academic papers, and – occasionally – of short stories and poetry. She has performed with the Capital Poetry Collective, the Oneness Poetry Collective, Talented Tongues, at a Canteen Gallery Vernissage, and as the feature poet in the Voices of Venus series.

Poem de Terre is a multi-disciplinary ensemble melding live folk music and spoken word with contemporary and more established musical forms. Poem de Terre draws upon many influences to create music for the new millenium. As much as the music, words are central to Poem de Terre’s work, bringing stories and ideas to the community in the form of live performance.

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