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Friedrich von Schiller

Friedrich von Schiller

I have to do some lengthy readings for class, and I won’t subject you to that torment. But I did discover some rather inspirational and thoughtful quotes I’d like to share from a reclusive playwright named Friedrich von Schiller.

The article is called The Stage as a Moral Institution (way to turn people off with the title, Schiller…) and it was written in 1784.

When morality is no more taught, religion no longer received, or laws exist, Medea would still terrify us with her infanticide.

Sight is always more powerful to man than description; hence the stage acts more powerfully than morality or law.

If one feature characterized all dramas; if the poets were allied in aim … there would be a national stage, and we should become a nation. It was this that knit the Greeks so strongly together, and this gave to them the all-absorbing interest in the republic and the advancement of humanity.

Let’s here it for the advancement of humanity. What do you say, theatre people? Think we can do it?

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