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Cafeteria Poems


Girls with wide smiles meet

for jugs of mojitos

their laughter vibrates


Martini remains resemble a subtle sip of water

garnish come and gone

trembling above the shake of the table

as the waiters pass


There’s a hint of pepper in the salt shaker


Earlier today I went to the New York Library

and saw an exhibit on where people have eaten in the city

Where writers wrote and what they ate while writing

A few pages from Jack Kerouac’s manuscript

Maybe he listed the ingredients in the classic burger meal

Or maybe that burger wrote the story – indirectly, of course


I’m sitting with my laptop

wondering if I should note where I am right now

As though people might one day read this poem and wonder


Then wishing I had a notebook to write by hand

Because no one’s going to put this word document in a museum

After all, you could so easily make copies.


Wasting food

That’s two couples so far

who have left half their meals on their plates

and walked off


I wonder if the waiters cry when they see that

Not right away, as they’re clearing up the remains

But in the storeroom, later



why the salad and potatos always take the hit.



Before the title of this poem

my word count was 999


Not anymore.


Tap Water

In North America

I don’t need to ask for tap water

I just ask for water

and they know what I’m talking about


So there, England.


Dating poets

At lunch today I told my friend

– now a sophisticated New Yorker –

about dating a poet we both know


Her reaction was an


That lasted about a minute


Well, I could say the same thing about –

actually, the dish she ordered looked pretty good.


Being stood up

I don’t have an iPhone

Which means people can make excuses for standing me up


I couldn’t reach you by email

they say

Even though I had told them by email earlier that day

that I would only be reachable by phone, and here’s my number


I don’t have a clever ending for this one.

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